WP 6

Functional coagulation response- delivery of a personalised treatment algorithm

WP lead Dr Nicole Juffermans, Amsterdam



The aim is to demonstrate how the administration of specified amounts of blood products and pro-coagulants influence haemostatic competence within different patterns of TIC patients. This will enable the development of a personalized treatment algorithm for the correction of functional coagulation in coagulopathic patients . Partner 2 will lead this WP to:

  • Define functional and molecular changes due to therapy, based on output from WP4&5.
  • Deliver a patient-matched treatment algorithm for the different coagulopathic patterns.



  1. Describe molecular response to existing pro-coagulation therapy.
  2. Determine functional coagulation response to existing therapy.
  3. Deliver personalised treatment algorithm for the targeted correction of coagulopathy.




Delivery date (month)

D6.1 Scientific report of TIC patient response to existing therapy. Report describing changes in VHA profiles and biomarker signatures for TIC patients during transfusion




Delivery date (month) Delivered
MS25 Personalised VHA treatment algorithm for WP8 18


European Commission
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The TACTIC project is co-funded by the European Commission under the HEALTH-Contract No. F3-2013-602771

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